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Stories of UTSC

Stories of UTSC began as a project funded by the UTSC 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund. It was a joint collaboration of faculty members in the Departments of Human Geography, Historical and Cultural Studies, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning. The Stories of UTSC exhibits launched on Thursday, February 25, 2016. Hundreds of people from the campus and community visited both the online and physical exhibits.

The goal of the Stories of UTSC was and continues to be to engage the UTSC and wider Scarborough communities in the rich and multi-faceted social history of the campus, from its inception as a small campus in the mid-1960s to the present. The project is grounded in the idea that the identity of a place is shaped by the stories told about it. What can we learn from listening to each other’s stories and what role do these stories play in building community, expressing identity, and documenting change? How can stories teach us about the past, inform the present, and shape the future? We continue to add stories to the collection. For more information on the current efforts to collect oral histories visit: or contact Christine Berkowitz at

Interview with Jennifer

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Jennifer recounts her experience as a student at UTSC in the 1970s, reflecting on how her time here has impacted her life and how the campus itself has changed from then to now. She has fond memories of the professors who taught her geography and discussed how they inspired her in her teaching career where she pioneered the use of television as a teaching tool.

Interview with Marie Mathai

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A discussion of safety concerns and resources offered to students and faculty on campus.

Interview with Nasir Alhuttam

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A Scarborough resident for over 20 years since immigrating from Yemen, Nasir Alhuttam shares the story of growth of his hot dog stand as a social space at UTSC beginning in 2006. He describes UTSC as his second home and shares how the campus' expansion has supported his business. Nasir also discusses the family orientation of Scarborough's broader community.

Interview with Wanda Restivo

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On growing up in the Scarborough community and her experience as a student

Interview with Michelle Stinson

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On the impact of womens and gender studies as a student and as a community member of scarborough. Also a discussion on the importance to support the womens and gender studies program

Interview with Adrian De Leon

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Adrian de Leon discusses his rationale for attending UTSC in 2012 and reflects upon his time as VP Academics for the SCSU (Scarborough Campus Students' Union) and as part of the tri-campus Governing Council. Prompted to speak on themes of community, inclusion and exclusion, de Leon recounts staging a sit-in at the Bladen Library and advocating improved studying conditions, as well as the barriers he faced as a student representative of colour. He discusses the difference between equality and equity, as well as UTSC campus' shift from political apathy to political engagement.

Interview with Mitzie Hunter

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Mitzie Hunter, MPP for Scarborough-Guildwood and former student, talks about the path that led her to UTSC. She describes her time as an entrepreneur and student, as well as her experience becoming the third Black female MPP. She discusses the importance of embracing diversity, collaboration and pursuing one's own ambitions in light of adversity.

Interview with Mike Plumton

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On overall safety in Scarborough and at UTSC, the media, its portrayal of the city, its east end, and how different kinds of diversity have effected safety and security.

Interview with Sylvia Mittler

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Professor Sylvia Mittler speaks about her French courses at UTSC and how language intertwines with history and culture. Speaking about diversity and language, Professor Mittler goes on to share how the campus has incorporated French culture in its events and how campus cultural activities have changed over time.

Interview with Tanya Mars

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A discussion of Tanya Mars less conventional road to becoming a senior lecturer and program director at utsc

Interview with Amorell Saunders N'Daw

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Amorell Saunders N'Daw describes her work in administration at UTSC and living in Scarborough. She discusses her life journey, including growing up with fewer advantages and overcoming challenges while also trying to be a good parent to her kids. She also speaks about the relationship between UTSC and the surrounding community, how she envisions that UTSC will continue to grow and change, and how she may participate in the future of the Scarborough community.

Interview with Toni DeMello (Part 2)

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A look into UTSC's diverse campus, issues related to that, and thoughts on diversity and personal development