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Stories of UTSC

Stories of UTSC began as a project funded by the UTSC 50th Anniversary Legacy Fund. It was a joint collaboration of faculty members in the Departments of Human Geography, Historical and Cultural Studies, and the Centre for Teaching and Learning. The Stories of UTSC exhibits launched on Thursday, February 25, 2016. Hundreds of people from the campus and community visited both the online and physical exhibits.

The goal of the Stories of UTSC was and continues to be to engage the UTSC and wider Scarborough communities in the rich and multi-faceted social history of the campus, from its inception as a small campus in the mid-1960s to the present. The project is grounded in the idea that the identity of a place is shaped by the stories told about it. What can we learn from listening to each other’s stories and what role do these stories play in building community, expressing identity, and documenting change? How can stories teach us about the past, inform the present, and shape the future? We continue to add stories to the collection. For more information on the current efforts to collect oral histories visit: or contact Christine Berkowitz at

Interview with Adrian De Leon

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Adrian de Leon discusses his rationale for attending UTSC in 2012 and reflects upon his time as VP Academics for the SCSU (Scarborough Campus Students' Union) and as part of the tri-campus Governing Council. Prompted to speak on themes of community, inclusion and exclusion, de Leon recounts staging a sit-in at the Bladen Library and advocating improved studying conditions, as well as the barriers he faced as a student representative of colour. He discusses the difference between equality and equity, as well as UTSC campus' shift from political apathy to political engagement.

Interview with Amorell Saunders N'Daw

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Amorell Saunders N'Daw describes her work in administration at UTSC and living in Scarborough. She discusses her life journey, including growing up with fewer advantages and overcoming challenges while also trying to be a good parent to her kids. She also speaks about the relationship between UTSC and the surrounding community, how she envisions that UTSC will continue to grow and change, and how she may participate in the future of the Scarborough community.

Interview with Andrew Arifuzzaman

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As of 2021, Andrew Arifuzzaman is the Chief Administrative Officer at the University of Toronto Scarborough’s (UTSC) Office of Business, Operations, and Strategic Affairs. He talks about the perception and diversification of Scarborough, as well as the contention and differences between UTSC and UTSG. He joined UTSC in 2007 Chief Strategy Officer, around the time when universities began to shift from academic management towards the emergence of professional management. He talks about the business side of UTSC and its methods of generating revenue, including the recruitment of international students from the Green Path Program.

Interview with Ann MacDonald

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Ann MacDonald joined UTSC in 2002 as Director and Curator of the Gallery. A few years later, Ann was wrapped up in opening and operating the Doris McCarthy Gallery (DMG). She even met many times with Doris McCarthy to discuss its operations. Beyond directing and curating countless art exhibits on campus, Ann also teaches courses in the Department of Arts, Culture and Media (ACM). Ann reflects about the Scarborough community, her approach to teaching, and the operations of the DMG.

Interview with Anthony McWatt

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Tony McWatt immigrated to Canada from the Carribbean during the 1980s to attend Scarborough College as an undergraduate student. During his undergraduate career, Tony became a true campus leader; he took on the role of student council president, was very active in student clubs, and was involved in campus building projects that would better facilitate student life (i.e. the student centre). Tony also reflects on his both exciting and painful experiences as an international student.

Interview with Barry Freeman

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Professor Barry Freeman discusses his experience as a student at UTSC in the 1990s and the journey he has taken to get to where he is now. Currently a UTSC faculty member, administrator and chair of the Arts, Culture and Media department, Freeman also reflects about the ways in which his perspective of the campus, higher education, and the overall community of Scarborough has evolved more broadly.

Interview with Charles Smith

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On the racial, ethnic and cultural diversity at UTSC and its importance.

Interview with Christopher Waddell

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Christopher Waddell grew up in Scarborough and attended Scarborough College as an undergraduate during the early 1970s. Studying in the General Arts program, Christopher soon became active in the Student Council and in student publications. During the early 1970s, Christopher and a small group of other students founded the student campus newspaper, The Balcony Square. In addition, by the end of his undergraduate career, he served as Vice-President of the Student Council. Christopher went on to graduate school and a long career in both public service and academia. Christopher reflects on student life and the Scarborough community during the early 1970s.

Interview with Curtis Cole

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As of 2021, Curtis Cole is the Registrar and Assistant Dean (Enrolment Management) at the University of Toronto Scarborough. He first joined UTSC in 2002 as an Academic Advisor at the Academic Advising and Career Centre. Born and raised in southwest Scarborough, Curtis Cole talks about the early perceptions of UTSC as a "backdoor" to the University of Toronto, and he continues to talk about the evolution of Scarborough as a legitimate part of the University of Toronto. Cole also talks about the changing value of undergraduate degrees, as well as the recruitment and rise and of international student admission and tuition at UTSC.

Interview with Diane Hill

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Learning about the barriers faced by a First Nations student while attending UTSC

Interview with Elliott Schwartz

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Elliott Schwartz, a graduate of UTSC (1969), discusses the social, academic and administrative culture of the campus.