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The Scarborough Oral History Collection is a fully searchable digital collection of interviews and oral histories available for education and research purposes. As part of an interdisciplinary course-based research initiative that began in 2013, we made a commitment to preserve the stories collected in a publicly accessible web-based system and to that end worked with the UTSC Digital Scholarship Unit to design and maintain a digital collection built on the Islandora Oral History Solution Pack. The collection currently consists of special collections including: The Stories of Scarborough Collection - audio recordings and transcripts of stories collected by the student researchers as part of their course work; the Stories of UTSC – a collection of oral history interviews conducted with members of our campus community past and present; and the Oral History Collection of Ethiopian and Eritrean Migration – a collection developed as a student independent study research project. For more information on these collections please contact: Christine Berkowitz or

Interview with Madeleine Callaghan

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Madeleine Callaghan, who works with the City of Toronto in the Museums and Heritage department at the Scarborough Museum, shares her own learning experience around Indigenous histories in high school in the 1970s and college in the 1980s, as well as the current challenges faced by local museums in curating public history.

Interview with Alexandra Flynn

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Professor Alexandra Flynn speaks on her personal experience growing up in Indigenous communities and learning to become an Indigenous ally. She also notes the importance of actively integrating Indigenous knowledge into education while also touching upon the ways in which she tries to promote Indigenous knowledge in her City Studies courses.

Interview with Len Dalton

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Huan Zhao interviews secondary school teacher, Len, regarding his own past experiences on Indigenous issues in education and media representation, such as in government advertisements.

Interview with Floro

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Floro talks about his personal experience as an immigrant and his awareness of Indigenous issues and culture. Regarding his work at a Toronto Public Library, he talks about how his community's library takes a strong initiative to educate others on Indigenous culture and issues. Mentioning other branches of the Toronto Public Libraries, he speaks about how all have engaged in creating a space for Indigenous peoples to feel comfortable and respected.

Interview with Social Science Professor

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Social Science Professor talks about UTSC's initiative on Indigenous education, Indigenous representation in media, and her personal experience and past interactions with Indigenous people.

Interview with Sitharsana Srithas

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UTSC student talks about the university's student initiatives and activities to discuss and advocate for Indigenous issues.