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The Scarborough Oral History Collection is a fully searchable digital collection of interviews and oral histories available for education and research purposes. As part of an interdisciplinary course-based research initiative that began in 2013, we made a commitment to preserve the stories collected in a publicly accessible web-based system and to that end worked with the UTSC Digital Scholarship Unit to design and maintain a digital collection built on the Islandora Oral History Solution Pack. The collection currently consists of special collections including: The Stories of Scarborough Collection - audio recordings and transcripts of stories collected by the student researchers as part of their course work; the Stories of UTSC – a collection of oral history interviews conducted with members of our campus community past and present; and the Oral History Collection of Ethiopian and Eritrean Migration – a collection developed as a student independent study research project. For more information on these collections please contact: Christine Berkowitz or

Interview with Julian Tanner

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Proessor Julian Tanner began his career as a faculty member in Sociology at Scarborough College in 1985. Prof. Tanner reflects on his long career at the UTSC campus, Sociology, teaching and research.

Interview with Michael Evans

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Professor Michael Evans began his career as a faculty member at Scarborough College in 1977. Beginning as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Physical Sciences Division, Prof. Evans discusses the campus growth over the past 45 years, teaching, students, his role in shaping the Statistics Program at UTSC, and administration.

Interview with Norm Kelly

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Norm Kelly reflects on his long political and personal career in Scarborough. Growing up in the Wexford neighbourhood in the 1950s, Kelly witnessed the dramatic transformation Scarborough underwent from quiet farmland to a busy city. By the 1970s Kelly was active in Scarborough politics and acted as an alderman for the Scarborough Council. Kelly then went on to act as a federal MP for Scarborough Centre, run mayoral campaigns in Scarborough, act as councillor for wards in Scarborough, and acted as deputy mayor and acting mayor (2013).

Interview with Greg Fitz

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Greg Fitz studied English at Scarborough College from 1971-1976. As a student, Greg was very invested in Scarborough's social life; he brought his camera to Scarborough College everyday to photograph campus activity. Many of his photographs were published in the student newspaper "The Balcony Square." His photography work soon led to the opening of the Scarborough College Student Darkroom. Greg reflects on campus social events, student life, social rivalries between campuses, photography, and the Scarborough community.

Interview with Katheleene Smith

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Katheleene Smith, a business officer in the Department of Computer and Mathematical Sciences (CMS), reflects upon her career at UTSC since the early 2000s. She talks about her early life, her hiring process, the changes in staff roles and responsibilities over the years, the Scarborough Campus community and its comparison to St. George, and her experience working in the Department of CMS.