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Interview with Andrew Arifuzzaman

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As of 2021, Andrew Arifuzzaman is the Chief Administrative Officer at the University of Toronto Scarborough’s (UTSC) Office of Business, Operations, and Strategic Affairs. As a resident of Scarborough for over 30 years, Andrew reflects upon the evolution that he has witnessed in Scarborough, ranging from negative perceptions of the area, emerging diversification of the community, as well as differing views concerning the establishment of the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre in Scarborough. He links such perceptions to a larger discussion of the contention and differences between UTSC and UTSG stemming from 1964. Andrew joined UTSC in 2007 as the Chief Strategy Officer, around the time when universities began to shift from academic management towards the emergence of professional management. He talks about his responsibilities over the day-to-day operations of the campus as its CAO along with the business side of UTSC and its methods of generating revenue, including the recruitment of international students from the Green Path Program.