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Interview with Mike DeGagné

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Dr. Mike DeGagné was an undergraduate student at Scarborough College during the late 1970s to early 1980s. Living abroad in Kenya with family while applying to university, Dr. DeGagné decided to attend Scarborough College after examining one of the campus pamphlets provided in a Kenya office. Spending his four years in campus residences, Dr. DeGagné speaks on student life, the intimacy of the campus environment, academics, and community. In a discussion of the legacy of the “television campus”, Dr. DeGagné also describes the resources available to the students at the time and considers the merits and downfalls of digital pedagogy then and now. He also reflects on Indigeneity and the important work he did with Indigenous youth counselling after graduating. DeGagné went on to become the First Indigenous President, in Canada, of Nipissing University and as of 2020, he is the President of Yukon University.